About The Show

The foundation of a successful, self-sustaining baseball organization is the drafting and developing of young talent. How do MLB & Collegiate organizations actually select and definitively, quantitatively not only evaluate ‘talent,’ but develop it? They don’t. At the professional level, player development is almost nonexistent; making it to a major league roster is determined almost solely by the MLB player draft. At the collegiate level the roster is entirely comprised of players discovered during the college recruiting and scouting process and that assumes they have the grades and test scores to get into the college.

To address the challenge of evaluating and developing collegiate and professional talent, The Show Player Development Center is focused on developing youth and amateur players into the “Total Player”. The Show’s “total player” focus employs biomechanics, physiology, motor learning, visual training, strength and conditioning and baseball skills development, trained by coaches who have played in The Show armed with the latest technologies for data collection and performance analysis for each player and the network of relationships with colleges and professional baseball across America.

At The Show, we believe expertise is a function of time, environment and resources. The longer a player competes, the greater the potential for developing the necessary skill and expertise to compete at the collegiate and major league level. Developing the high-level physical attributes, swing and throw techniques and mental acuity necessary to succeed at this level is a process of repetition and refinement surrounded by experts. The Show provides young players with the opportunity of developing all of the skills necessary to succeed based on the highest standards of all – competing at the major league level.

The Show provides San Francisco Bay Area youth with professional level baseball skills development and physical training, based on the exacting standards of professional baseball. The Show has been designed specifically for today’s developing and aspiring youth baseball player, drawing upon a lifetime of direct experience in youth, collegiate, Minor and Major League Baseball.